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Ivor Myers – Introducion

Pastor Ivor Myers was part of the mid-1990s hip-hop group the Boogie Monsters, and signed to EMI Records. The Boogie Monsters got three and a half mics on The Source Magazine album review (one of the most prestigious magazines in the hip-hop scene) and shared the stage with Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. When Accepting the Adventist message, Pastor Myers and his brother Sean walked away from their six figure recording contract to become ministers of the everlasting gospel. Pastor Myers currently is the head pastor at the Templeton Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Central California Conference and is co-director of Power of the Lamb Ministries and co-hosts the show Battles Of Faith on 3 ABN with his wife Atonte.

Sonic Warfare

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Holy Rebellion

Karl Tsatalbasidis – Introduction

Pastor Karl Tsatalbasidis on one of the most controversial subject in the church today. Many have found that changing the music style in and effort to gain more members or even keep existing members did not give the church the results they had anticipated. Watch and pray or dance and play? Is there a problem with worship and music in the church? Does it really matter? What should God’s last day Christians do when it comes to music if we want to follow God fully? Pastor Karl discusses this in detail and uses his past experience as a drum player and his pastoral experience using the Bible to tell us what God would have us do.

Pastor Karl Tsatalbasidis spent years playing and studying the drum set. After giving his life to the Lord he came under conviction about not only his lifestyle but also on what it means to praise the Lord through music. Now he teaches people all over the biblical truths about Music in the church as well as in our daily lives.

Music in the Last Days Seminar

Part 1 – More than Rhythm, Melody & Harmony

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Part 2 – Chariots, Horses, Drums and the Name of the Lord

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Part 3 – Form, Style and the Problem of the Drum Set

Part 4 – Watch and Pray or Dance and Play?